Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics

mark_twain.jpgThis quote about the three types of lies came to mind as I read an article on medical statistics in The Economist. Did you know that Sagittarians are 38% more likely to go to the hospital with a broken arm than the rest of us?  A Leo has a 15% greater likelihood of being admitted to a hospital for gastric bleeding. Thankfully I was born a Gemini.

These and other “statistics” at a medical conference to make the point that lax stats can lead to wrong conclusions. First, finding statistical correlation does not mean causality. Second, he identified serious flaws in the statistical techniques used in many medical studies leading to many a false conclusion. 

Given the rush to each new herbal remedy, super food or drug caused by a single published story, we can only hope that the researchers know what they are doing. Apparently not! Shame on those of us who blindly follow “research”.  Don’t believe everything you read— except here of course.

Thanks to Benjamin Disraeli for the original qoute and to Mark Twain for making it famous.

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