It Tastes Like Chicken



I spend too much time reading The Economist.  No articles about JLo, Bradgelina or Lindsey. For fun this magazine publishes an article on how some anthropologist found the same collagen on both a T-Rex fossil and modern chickens proving a genetic link. Is this high brow gossip or what!

So one caveman came upon another chomping on a T-Rex steak. When the first asked how it was, the second replied….

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5 Responses to It Tastes Like Chicken

  1. Frank Roche says:

    Man, that’s a beauty payoff….LOL.

  2. Jeff says:

    Found your blog via Frank/iFlipFlop – I’m enjoying your writing and adding you to my blogroll if that’s ok.



  3. 48facets says:

    Frank, this was irresistable. I could not pass up the line.

    Jeff, PLEASE add me to your blog roll. I am looking for more exposure. Where can I find yours/

  4. Frank Roche says:

    Rick, it’s an excellent one….do add Jeff…they have an excellent blog and live in cool places…Asheville and Atlanta….you’ll really like them:

    Add them to your blogroll and your daily reads…call me about how to find URLs when people comment.

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