Justin TV Live

First read about this a couple of weeks ago on iFlipFlop.  NPR caught up tonight. This 20 something Justin has attached a web-cam to a hat he wears and you can watch life from his point of view 24/7.  NPR said Justin TV receives 10,000 hits /day.

 Personnally I do not see the fascination but I am old school. I watched for 5 minutes tonight and was even more bored by this than American Idol.

 My question is whether this is really his life or the life he leads because he is literally on all the time. Maybe after awhile the novelty wears off for him and he acts as he would have otherwise but don’t other people play to the camera? That would make it unreality TV. Why do people watch this other than because they can? Click on the link and then come back and let me know what you think.

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One Response to Justin TV Live

  1. Do you remember the advertising tag line: “as seen on TV” ?
    Well this is a form of branding…I am because I’m seen on TV.
    It’s all about affermation of the mediated self.

    I like what you’re doing here.

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