Keeping up with Friends

If I have not made it clear so far, you should know that my friends are a crucially important part of my life. Problem is that between my busy schedule and their busy schedules finding quality time to communicate, let alone spend time together, is close to mission impossible.

A few examples. Ed B. and I live less than 10 miles apart. We have been trying to set a date for lunch for weeks. He canceled the first time. I had to cancel the second. We have rescheduled 4 times and currently have time on the calendar six weeks out–close to 2 months since the first attempt. The date probably won’t hold anyway.

Then there is Mark H. We share the same last name and are brothers in every way but blood. Haven’t even talked to him in months. Haven’t had quality one on one time for 4 years. That day we spent at a mall, had lunch at the food court and he helped me pick out new luggage. Four uninterrupted hours together. A great day.

Lori is having/had a birthday around now. It is one of those noticeable ones that you either want to celebrate or ignore. She has had a tough year and I would like to help her celebrate–or forget, her choice as long as we do it together. She works in a building where my company has an office. Every time I go there she is traveling for work. Between work, raising a young child and taking care of a single parent household there is little time even for emails.

Even when I travel to a city where I have a friend they are never there the days I am. Fortunately, there are exceptions. Spent a day with Ches in Charlotte on my way to Smalltown, TN.  Hung out with Bob a few months ago as I made my way through Denver. But Steve was not in DC nor Melissa in NY on the right days.

And what about Brian, Gary, Frank, Shelly, Stu-Bob, Tom, Dan, Dave and (your name here).  Let alone all the people I have been friendly with and had been important in my life at one point or another such as Hervey, Myron, Steve, Peter, Ed, Rosie, Vicki and so many more.

I am reasonably good at reaching out by phone or email even with friends that don’t reciprocate. The not reciprocating thing used to bother me some but I no longer take it as a sign that someone does or does not care. If I want to keep the connection I do. There are just not enough connections happening to satisfy me.

My recommendation, reach out and touch someone early and often. Especially if that someone is me. 

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2 Responses to Keeping up with Friends

  1. Frank Roche says:

    I hope you and your family had a Passover seder last week, my friend. I am reaching out to say hello. And now I’m sitting here watching The Ten Commandments. Love it. HI!

  2. 48facets says:

    Dude, Charelston and Yul. Can’t beat it. Tough week. Came down with some stomach ailment right after the 2nd sedar on top of the cold and hacking cough from last week. Two weeks in a row of feeling like crap.

    Hope you and the fam have a wonderful Easter. Love the Easter ninja!

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