A Glorious Stroll Through the Upper East Side, NYC

Sun shining, blue skies and a cool, clean breeze. Making my way early Thursday morning up 62nd Street from York to Park Ave. York is about as east as you can be as a pedestrian and still be in Manhattan. 62nd at that point is just north of the Queensborough bridge.

It was a great morning to walk from my hotel to my meeting. Only a few people on the streets at 8 am. which is early for NY. Very different than Chicago where people are on the streets by 7.

I am rarely in this little section of NY. One block and I discover Dangerfield’s.  Rodney was one of my favorite comics and comic actors. Great facial expressions and knew how to deliver a punch line.

On to rows and rows of row houses. Not as scenic as the multicolored ones in Charleston, SC. but nice.  A treasure. (More than just an aesthetic treasure, I am sure they cost a small fortune.)

Just as I thought how nice it was to see something other than high rise apartment buildings in NY, I next came across Trump Plaza. This building puts the U in ugly. I know that  There are other and greater Trump buildings but if I were the Donald, I would do whatever I could to get my name off this monstrosity.  Fortunately, more townhouses and other attractive buildings as I continued.

Then you get to Park Ave. What a beautiful, wide boulevard. Filled with attractive buildings both north and south as far as the eye could see. Some of the best of NYC.

I arrived early for my meeting and realized I was within spitting distance of Central Park. I made my way to the south end of the park. The horse drawn carriages were already lined up in the early morning. If only I had enough time to walk through the Park.  Next trip.

Taking a different route on my way back, I came across a crowd of people with signs in their hands. At first I thought this was some form of protest. However, clowns and jugglers are not a normal sight at a protest march. Turns out that I was outside the CBS building and this was the usual crowd outside the Early Show studios. A definite smile.

Three more blocks back to where I needed to be. Ready to take on the business world for one more day. Some Bill Evans solo piano music in the background and the morning would have been perfect. Pretty darn close anyway.

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One Response to A Glorious Stroll Through the Upper East Side, NYC

  1. Paul says:

    You were just 16 short miles (and about $75 cab ride one way) from White Plains! You could have easily taken the leisurely walk through downtown WP, right to the train station and on down to the big city! Trump’s got a tower there too.

    And speaking of Trump, I don’t think he really cares about his name being linked to ugly buildings (have you ever seen the gaudy place he calls home??).

    Talk to you later!

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