Fighting Boredom…and Losing

tired-yawn.jpgWork. I have been doing similar work for 26 years.  For the first 10, maybe even 15 years it was fun and exciting.  At first everything was new.  I learned the technical aspects of the work and how to interact with my managers ( I do consulting so I have many managers). Over time, I developed skills in working with clients, speaking in front of large groups, training new people, and for awhile managing a group of people. At my best, I am a trusted adviser to leaders of big businesses and dazzle audiences.  

Each new learning opportunity provided new challenges and kept me interested in the job/career. The learning curve slowed to a crawl years ago. The vast majority of my time is spent  doing things I have done hundreds if not thousands of times before. If I like the clients and their company is interesting the work feels good, though not necessarily interesting. Too often, the clients provide income but bore me from day one.  I have also lost my tolerance for low skilled underlings. I work in a large firm and have too little input into who we hire.  A great sense of accomplishment and joy comes with taking raw but talented people and helping them grow into accomplished professionals. Conversely, nothing is worse than dealing with lowly competent underlings.  (BTW, I like the word underlings for the sound and feel but it certainly is a derogatory way to describe actual people.)

I find that I am not the only one feeling this way.  A good friend since high school shared similar feelings.  A former colleague that recently left the profession (after a mere 20 years) told me that the only thrill he had had left was going to a client meeting less than fully prepared.

So, what to do, what to do? It is hard though not impossible for me to leave what I am doing when I make a reasonably comfortable income. I am not willing to take on  a new career for substantially less money. There may be some opportunities to change things up a bit by going to a new, smaller company. I am staying open to new possibilities. Since work is such a large part of the time I spend, it needs to be more entertaining.

In the meantime to keep life as opposed to work interesting, I blog.  And as the Chi-town weather improves I will ride!

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