My Wife The Star

Fresh from her day on the red carpet at the Oscars–OK, technically in the stands next to the red carpet– my wife is performing on stage in Evanston , IL. If you hurry you may still be able to get tickets to one of the most enjoyable shows in any town, the Women’s Club of Evanston’ s 2007 Benefit show titled ” Cirque Du So What!” 

My wife is in several numbers as a chicken, an inmate and more. She looks and sounds great. (I am a totally unbiased critic). When she starting performing seven years ago D was a nervous wreck. Now I await a producer/director to discover her and make her a star.

In addition to having fun performing this group of women and men are supporting a charity providing at risk teens with a place that allows them to work with professional artists, expressing themselves through art in a safe and supportive environment. It was near to impossible to hear about what these kids are going through and see their art without getting misty.

No better way to spend a Saturday night.

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