The Fruit Cake Lady has Died

fcl.jpgI never adjusted to The Tonight Show once Johnny left. I had experienced Jay Leno as a stand up comedy at the Park West in Chicago. He was hilarious! He just never did much for me as a talk show host.

So I did not know that the Fruit Cake Lady existed until she existed no more. Jay discovered Marie Rudisill, 89 years young the first time she appeared on his show. She died last year at the age of 95. Based on the clips from the show she was savvy and wise in the way only someone that old can be– and can get away with. Here is a link to some videos of the Fruit Cake Lady on The Tonight Show.  Enjoy.

We should all be as much of a character as she was. I am not waiting until my 90s, I’m starting now.

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8 Responses to The Fruit Cake Lady has Died

  1. Frank Roche says:

    Man, I loved the fruit cake lady. My dad used to laugh and laugh about that…because we really did get fruitcakes from my aunts at the holidays. Yes, being a fun character is always a good thing…and you are.

  2. NightHawk says:

    I must agree…
    I too lost all fascination for late nite shows…
    I work rotating shifts so following anything on TV was out of the question…

    Isn’t it a shame that you have to have people be ridiculed when all they are doing is speaking the truth without having to be “pc”?

    Perhaps that’s the only way the networks can get past the censors…

  3. NightHawk says:

    I was always trained along those lines…Speak honestly…If they can’t handle it it’s not your problem…

  4. SansJRS says:

    I was sorry to hear The Fruitcake Lady passed, I loved watching her videos, they were hilariuos! She gives me something to aspire to as I enter my latter years :o)

  5. ingrid says:

    To Whomever may still monitor this site,

    I was so disappointed and sadden by the news of her death. I just learned of it yesterday, two years after her passing.

    From the first time I was introduced to this gusty, feisty elderly lady…..whom seem to have the quickest whit I’ve ever seen, and the most knowledgeable answer to ever question she was asked, she never hesitated or even had to think about what she was going to say…….this lady was the sharpest, smartest, one of the most intelligent people on this earth. When asked a question….she answered it from her gut, command sense.

    She died too soon. I would have loved to have know what this lady was like as a child, teen, young lady…..and finally to the age where I was first introduced to her. I loved her from the first time I seen her, and could never get enough of her. I will truly miss her and thank God for allowing me to meet her through the internet. She is truly one of God’s greatest creations.

    I think of her often, because she brought laughter knowledgeable I got an email from someone about her. It had been a while since I got anything by email from friends… that’s why I goggled her…..just wanting a good laugh.

    I am thankful for the internet because even though she is gone……I can always bring her back to me anytime I need a good laugh.

    Middletown Oh

  6. Clare Sullivan says:

    I didn’t know the Fruit Cake Lady existed till last Friday 05/08/2011. Just happened to come across a youtube video of her and I think she is great, sorry was great. Pity the world had only onbe Marie Rudisill. She truly was a grand old lady!!
    Would be nice to know if anyone still looks at this site.
    Triabunna Tasmania

  7. i loved the fruitcake lady, and had forgotten about her, until i saw a clip. it is posted on fb, & a whole new generation will now know her… she was great… her family was lucky to have her.
    Merry Christmas everyone!!

  8. Nicki Mettenburg says:

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