Gotta Love Business Travel

Orlando Florida. Leaving Chicago on a frigid day in March.  Envious are you?

How about work all day in the office, leave at 5 for the airport, sit there for 2 hours, plane is late (pilot hasn’t arrived), 2.5 hours cramped on a plane, no dinner and arrive in the hotel at midnight. Still sounding good?

Hotel seems nice enough–it has free shuttles to Disney World and Universal Studios. Room is nice, free Internet service and a flat screen TV, though not HD. I will sleep for 6 hours get up and leave.

Too many days it does not matter which city you are in because all you see are planes, cars, hotels and office buildings.  That is business travel. Gotta love it.

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One Response to Gotta Love Business Travel

  1. Frank Roche says:

    I’m doing that route….but in early May. WaW. Gonna love that…but NEVER love business travel.

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