Obama Not Black?

Barack ObamaThis story is not brand new but worth talking about on so many levels. I came across this story on The Colbert Report but it has also been in several papers and magazines including a column by Stanley Crouch, an African-American columnist for the NY Daily News.

The gist of the story is not even focused on Barack Obama’s mother being white but that his father is Kenyan. Debra Dickerson, the author of “The End of Blackness” makes the argument is that there is a definition in “the American political context” that a black American is the descendant of slaves. Do the media people making these claims have nothing better to do or are they just stupid. The Colbert interview with Ms. Dickerson addresses this issue with humor beyond my wildest dreams (this is a MUST view).

At best, this his is a distinction without meaning. I doubt that anyone enough of a jerk to judge people on the basis of skin color bother to check family trees.

Where is the line drawn and who gets to draw it as to who is black enough, jewish enough, muslim enough, family valued enough, liberal, conservative, (fill in your label here) enough.

I believe in tolerance and acceptance of others. Being inclusive not exclusive. A world with more people like that would be something to write about. Probably not a story that would sell many papers or boost ratings.

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One Response to Obama Not Black?

  1. Rick says:

    Such insight, such brilliance. I am making this my first read of the day every day.

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