Real Facts. Straight from Snapple

The principle reasons I buy a particular brand of soft drink are taste and price. Yet surprises will also build my brand loyalty. After not drinking Snapple for years I recently tried their ice tea. Good taste. Good value –when on sale. And Snapple Real Facts.

Half the joy in opening my Snapple is the anticipation of the fact for the day. Not all SRFs catch my attention but Real Fact 154 did. In 1985, the fastest bicyclist was clocked at 154 mph. WOW.

I bike. I go far but not particularly fast. Sustaining 20 mph is hard for me. I average 15-16.

Two thoughts after reading Real Fact 154. How can anyone go that fast? I have never even driven that speed. Why in 21 years has no one broken that record?

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