I Can’t Remember Because I Am Fat?

Recall has never been one of my strong points. Over the years my memory seems to be getting worse Is this a natural result of aging? Sure. The big question is whether there something that can stem the tide or even improve memory? I have tried several of the herbs that are supposed to help with no noticeable impact. (Don’t ask me which herbs, I cannot remember. (I am incapable from letting any bad joke go by.))

Hear is something else to consider According to that definitive medical source Realage, being overweight makes memory worse. I am at a very high weight for me. The extra ponds started showing up around Halloween, their cousins moved in at Thanksgiving leading to a full family reunion by New Year’s. They haven’t left yet.

I am 10 pounds above the weight I promised myself years ago that I would not go over. That weight is at least 7 pounds above an ideal weight. Do the math — it is not pretty. It is amazing how aggressive eating and little exercise can add up.

So now, starting today February 3, I will eat less and exercise more — if I remember.

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