My Son is 16 Today!

Happy Birthday Davide! Tonight after reading three cards written by your mother, you asked me where were my words.

That was a great question.

I do not tell you very often that you are great or that you do great things. You are and you do.

I often ask more from you so I am sure it seems that I am never satisfied with who you are and what you do. I understand your point of view. How can you know if I do not say the right words and the words I do say criticize rather than praise.

Let me start tonight and I will work hard to let you know these things as often as I feel them.

You are fun and funny. Smart. Good hearted. Independent — on some things. You can be sweet and caring. Helpful — when you choose to be. You have lots of good friends who are good people. Now that is something to be especially proud of.

You work hard. You like to play. Just because I want to you to work harder does not mean that I don’t realize that you work even if it sounds that way when the words come out.

I wish for you to be happy and to become even more of a mensch– a person who does good. I also wish for you to do well, to find and chase your passion and to –when the time is right–to find your soulmate. I want you to take some chances, put yourself out there. I will be here to help if things don’t go as you wanted. That can happen sometimes when you take chances. Better to try and fail sometimes than not to try.

I hope that you will trust me and learn to share with me.  It is hard to do these things sometimes especially when you want your independence. If we trust each other freedom will come more quickly.

You were easy to love when we first met. I was probably easier to love then too. It seems as if it were just a short time ago and yet now you are closer to being a man than a child.

I am proud of you. I am happy to be your dad. I love you very much. Happy birthday my son.

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