Performance Appraisals

Virtually all employees in any organization are subjected to performance appraisals. That is when your boss tells you how you performed over the past year and if you are lucky that you got a raise and/or bonus. As many employees who receive them also hate them — a slight exaggeration at best.

I had a perfectly Dilbert — like PA this year. My boss said NOTHING positive about my performance. The closest she came was a double negative, something to the effect that she did had no reason to believe that I was a bad supervisor.

My raise and bonus were actually OK. A bit less than I thought I deserved but that is par for the course. Yet I walked out less motivated to succeed than when I walked in. COME ON PEOPLE. It is not that hard to find good things to say even with employees that need to improve. We all can use some positive reinforcement now and then.

Lucky for my people that they have me for a boss and that I have learned from the best what not to do!

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