Good-bye Marty

My friend Brian’s dad died last Tuesday. I have known both of them for almost 40 years. Martin/Marty and his wife Joan had a home that kids liked to hang out at. They treated me like family from the beginning. It was a comfortable place.

Marty had a joy for life. He was always encouraging us to be doing something, a board game — Mr. President was Brian’s favorite — playing ping pong, badminton in the back yard or tennis to name a few. He was inquisitive about what was going on in our lives without being nosy.  In my adult years, he  and Joan opened their home to me for Passover for several years when I had no place to go for the second Seder. It was always a treat for me.

He was smart, a PhD Organic Chemist, he was active in his two children’s lives, he loved life and always tried to give something back. He was one of the nicest men that walked the planet.

Late in life he had Alzheimer’s but as both Brian and his sister Shelly said at the service, this did not destroy his essence. His funeral was well attended even on one of the coldest days of the year. The people that come to pay their respects and the things that are said about you are the true measure of a person. Marty was a Mensch.

We miss you.

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