Small Things Are Small

Don’t make something a big annoyance when it is truly small. There are enough big things in the world to get angry/frustrated about. The equivalent of Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff. I adopted this philosophy years ago and for a long while it served me well. Lately however, everything remotely negative bothers me. I hate it.

I hit bottom on Sunday over 13 cents. Yes, 13 cents.

I went to a store to exchange 2 shirts for a different size. Exactly the same shirts. In the old days before the introduction of advanced technology to help stores track inventory, the clerk would have taken the old shirts out of the bag, put the new ones in, wished me well and sent me on my merry way. Instead the clerk had to “return’ the large shirts and I repurchased the medium ones. As I reached for the bag to take my shirts and go the guy said “thirteen cents”.  He took in the stunned expression on my face and repeated “thirteen cents”. It turned out that this branch of a big box sporting goods was in a higher sales tax town than where I had originally bought the shirts.

No amount of debating skill could dissuade my new nemesis from his chants of 13 cents/sales tax. Over and over he repeated those words. I left the store muttering and angry. Fortunately it was a 60 degree day in late November in Chicago. I did my Yoga breathing –no, not really — and went on to enjoy the day.

Small things are small.

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