1/8 Mile

A runner no more–at least not now. From my freshman year in high school through my late 30s I thought of myself as a runner. One of my many facets. As late as age 37 I ran a 5k averaging better than 7:40 per mile. No land speed record but respectable.

Fast forward to this past Sunday. I formally gave up running for biking four years ago due to back problems. But I had just bought a new pair of running shoes and wanted to see what kind of shape I am in. The Scene: Running track at the local high school. Just me and a quarter mile oval. Warmed up by walking a lap. Too cocky to stretch.

The gun sounds and they are off. Half way around the oval am huffing and puffing as if I ran 2 marathons. My back aches. A lot of good the biking has done. I decide I cannot stop now but I am allergic to sharp pain. What to do?

Eight times around the track. 1/8 mile jogging, 1/8 mile walking. Eight times around. 2 miles. This sucks.

More to come. I have promised myself that.

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