I Played Hookey

I did not go to work last Friday. I took my first nonweekend day off in five months. I do not count the day I took for the Jewish holiday during which I fasted and atoned for my sins. That was work of a different kind.

No, on Friday I declared a real vacation day and called my friend Paul to see if he could come out and play. Paul and I had had a tradition of seeing the latest Bond movies as soon as they came out. It was time to renew that tradition.

Not only did Paul move some appointments so we could play he added the very excellent idea of shooting pool for a couple of hours before the movie. In beautiful downtown Chicago there is a theater that also has a Lucky Strike bowling alley and pool hall inside. Is this a great country or what!

Pool, spending time with a good friend and the best James Bond movie in many a year. What a great afternoon.

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