51 and Counting

One of life’s little moments on a puddle jumper to beautiful Canton Ohio.

I had an aisle seat and the elderly man across from me kept talking to the woman in front of me. Being the mench that I try to be I offered my seat to the woman asking if she would prefer to sit across from her husband. I was taken aback when she firmly said NO until she informed me that she was sitting next to her grandchild who she found to be much better company than her husband.

He the regaled me with the story that they have been married for 51 years and…as he paused…he would do it allover again. If that line had been on TV or in a movie I would have gagged. He was sincere and quite happy.

P.S. Just when I thought nothing more could happen on a trip to Canton, I witnessed 20 or so people greet three soldiers in uniform returning home. It was quite the evening.

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