First Post Ever!

While blogging has been around for years, it is new for me. I have been planning to start for a couple of years. Long story.

I am doing this for me as an outlet that may stimulate creative juices, let me blow off some steam or give me voice on the days I feel stifled. While this blog is geared toward these selfish aims, I hope that I connect with some people out there. Personal connections have always been the most important things in my life.

Not sure where this blog will go. For awhile it will take whatever direction it takes. Some posts may be short  and others novellas. No real theme except that of the title. I do believe that virtually all of us and all situations are multifaceted. However, only one or at most two aspects tend to be quickly visible. We then tend to brand people with those initial observations. What is waiting to be discovered under the surface is is often as or more interesting. Anyone who has already formed an impression of me should take this to heart.

So welcome. I am interested in any and all comments.

About 48facets
What you read is what you get.

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